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How many people in UK die every year of smoking? Is that they die because smoking causes lungs or mouth cancer in the chain smokers? If you are a regular smoker, you don’t need to ask these questions to anyone and your subconscious has the answer to all these. Yes, ordinary cigarettes with smoke lead to numerous malignant diseases that end the lives of many. Scientific innovations have revolutionized the world in every field, and there would hardly be any perspective of human life unaffected by the scientific advancement. The time is gone when people used to have ordinary cigarettes with so much smoke and combustion of tobacco. These are equally liked by people of every age.

Electronic cigarettes (E-Cigs) are devices designed to provide nicotine with different flavors and chemicals to the users with vapour instead of smoke. These cigarettes are operated by a battery. The manufacturers have developed these to reduce the usage of ordinary cigarettes. The principal purpose of electronic cigarettes in Uk is that the smokers haven’t to inhale smoke directly. If we compare the regular cigarettes with E-cigarettes, we will come to know that the ordinary cigarettes contain more than 4000 detrimental chemicals that have catastrophic impacts on the users.

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The history of E-cigarettes’ introduction into the markets is not that long and dates back in 2004. The credit for this innovation goes to a Chinese Pharmacist, who brought it in the limelight for the human welfare. E-cigarettes are actually the alternative of ordinary cigarettes, and it just doesn’t let the smoke get into users’ lungs. These are available in different shapes and models. These may be like a long-shaped tube; few may be like products users usually use such as cigarettes, cigars and pipes. It’s also important that the users must be conversant with how the vapour cigarettes work, what are their health risks and positive off-shoots.

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How Do Vapour Cigarettes Work?

The vapour cigarettes have different components that are essential to its successful operation. In most of the E-cigs, puffing pushes the batter to work that vapourizes liquid in the cigarettes and then the user inhales the resulted vapors. The components of E-cigarettes are under mentioned:

a) Mouthpiece

This part is also known as Cartridge and is attached to the end of the tube. There is a cup inside the mouthpiece that carries absorbent material. The solution inside mouthpiece has various levels of nicotine. The producers believe that it can be replaced and changed with any other mouthpiece if needed.

b)   Atomizer

This part provokes heating process so that the vapors can be inhaled. This part is not permanent and needs replacement after every 3-6 months of usage.

c)   Battery and Electronic Components

Every E-cigarette has a rechargeable lithium battery. The primary function of the battery is to heat up, and its life depends on its usage, size, brand and the environment where it’s used.

The health concerns should also be judged when it comes to E-cigarettes. The ordinary cigarettes produce smoke while these don’t, and the user only gets vapours for to compensate the nicotine level. From reports and surveys, it was espied that E-cigarettes are a better solution for the smokers because the death level with ordinary cigarettes products in UK is strong and this product may reduce this risk. E-cigarettes are available in some brands, and every brand has some peculiar quality that differ it from the rest.

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E-Liquids for E-Cigs UK

The liquid used in cartridges of electronic cigarettes is called as E-liquid. E-liquids can be of several brands with different percentages of nicotine. It has three major components, and all are usually safe for using in food products except nicotine. You will be best enjoying these liquids when you have a satisfactory level of nicotine as per your requirements. When you visit a market for E-liquids, you will find thousands of such liquids available for cigarettes and the easiest way to pick up the best one is to shortlist few high-quality liquids and get the best among bookmarked.

What a level of nicotine you need in your liquid depends on your demands. The novice usually uses liquids with a lower level of nicotine and the heavy smokers prefer taking a massive dose of nicotine in their liquids. The standard of nicotine in these liquids is measured in mmg, and it may vary from 0mmg to 54mmg. A smoker selects the liquid that best suits his mood and temperament. There are few aspects of E-liquids that users need to know like what level of nicotine they should use as a beginner, does it taste like real cigarette taste, how can it be stored and other as well.

The best way to find out the strength of nicotine in the liquid for you is to go to the internet and read about them. The more time you invest in it, the lesser money you will be spending on your needs. Moreover, the beginners can buy two different brands with different levels of nicotine and use them separately. If these are fine for them, they should use and may mix both the liquids in the otherwise case whether to check it suits them or not. So for the matter of taste concerns, no liquid feels like real cigarettes because there is no combustion and you can select the best possible flavor for you after trying many.

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Electronic Cigarettes Starter Kit

If you are acquitted to E-cigarettes, you will need a starter kit to vape your liquid juice. There is a range of such starter kits for people of every standard and level. There will definitely be for the novice and experienced as well. A starter needs to get a kit with at least one battery, one cartomizer tank and one USB charger.

JAC Vapour Starter E-Cigs Kit UK

When you have to buy a starter kit for your liquids, you need to consider few factors before getting your hands over it. It might be that you got fed up with the liquids and many kits, but keep on trying until you find the best-desired starter kit for your cigarette. The novice prefers getting rechargeable starter kit than a disposable one because of cost savings and versatility.

Broadly speaking, a starter kit must be selected wisely, and you don’t need to buy some high quality or too much expensive. What you need to do is to satisfy yourself with some good rates starter kit that can suit your mood. Nicotine level should be according to your taste and demands. The unnecessary increment in the e-liquid can be dangerous for your health, and it causes lungs burning as well.

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